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What are Unified Communications (UC) clients?

The unified communications industry was born from the idea that cthe collaboration had become needlessly ineffective and frustrating. Employees needed access to multiple applications, resources, hardware and systems to collaborate and communicate effectively. Obviously this approach wasted time, energy and money, and a full overhaul was overdue.

The Unified Communications (UC) client was the telecom industry’s answer to combining chat, texting, voice, video, file sharing, scheduling, user status, extension transfer, and more. UC Clients streamline all employee communication and collaboration tools into a single, easy-to-use software platform that allows employees to communicate with flexibility – how, where and when they want. By integrating all the systems they use to collaborate and communicate, users stopped switching between multiple apps, devices and screens.

List of the most popular UC client features:

check mark iconAudio and video calls

check mark iconMeetings/video conferencing

check mark iconAccess contacts

check mark iconInstant messages and group chats

check mark iconVoicemail: Transcription of audio and text

check mark iconUnified interface

check mark iconScreen sharing

check mark iconUser presence/availability

check mark iconSMS/MMS text messages

check mark iconCall history

Cloud-Based Phone System Unified Communications Client for Business (Application Screenshot)

Example of the CoreNexa Cloud Phone System Unified Communications (UC) client.

UC clients are typically an extension of your business phone system and can be downloaded as a pop-up screen to your desktop, downloaded as an app to your smartphone, or accessed directly from a web browser. There is typically no difference between the three options, and all modes will offer the same or similar functionality.

UC clients will help your teams become more efficient, productive and most importantly, successful. If you want to learn more about the different UC client options, check out our business phone systems pages. Two of the most popular UC clients are CoreNexa and 3CX.

ACC Telecom, a leader in the UC industry, provides cloud telephony systems that offer integrated unified communications and UC clients. ACC provides nationwide service and onsite telecommunications support to businesses throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and beyond. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and demonstration or to learn more about our unified communications solutions and cloud telephony systems.

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