Web Services

Scottish folk web comes to the University of Dundee.

There are many ways to spend a sunny Friday afternoon in October, but by far the best way, at least this past Friday, was in the company of nearly 50 web professionals from 12 different institutions across Scotland.

Once a quarter, we gathered in different places, to meet old friends and colleagues, but also to talk about the problems we face in the web community. What was different about this meeting was that it was the first time the University of Dundee had hosted it. We are very proud to say it was the biggest gathering ever!

Scottish Web Folk is very useful for us as a way to poll colleagues from different places about what we are working on and to help each other find solutions. Our agenda was wide and varied this time around and included:

  • IWMW17 Summary
  • Systems update
  • Search solutions sourcing
  • CMS replacement
  • Approaches to launching a new website
  • Workflows: Centralized vs Decentralized
  • Manage internal and external facing content on one CMS
  • Implementation and maintenance of style guides
  • Institutional use of CRMs, in particular regarding Inquiry Management.
  • CMA compliance activities
  • GDPR: How other institutions are tackling the challenge
  • Hotjar and other useful tools
  • Video hosting

As you can see, our topics are broad and varied, representing the wide variety of skills and in-depth knowledge that web professionals now need to work not only in the web industry, but in higher education as well.