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Rising nuclear risks: Putin now « an animal with his back to the wall », takes revenge for the attack on the Crimean bridge

  • North Korea says the missile launches were simulated nuclear strikes
  • Putin’s response to the bridge attack is not nuclear… yet
  • Iran nuclear deal means higher gas prices

Global leaders are raising fresh concerns that the world is moving closer to a nuclear weapon strike due to escalation on several separate fronts.

North Korea confirms that a recent barrage of missile fires was the simulated use of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield. This comes as Russia, which has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, this morning unleashed a new barrage of rocket attacks against its neighbour.

Communist North Korea says seven recent missile launches, including two on Sunday, were exercises by its tactical nuclear operations units, trained to wipe out US and South Korean targets. The Pyongyang regime is shocked by the recent joint US-South Korea exercises in the region.

Meanwhile, the Russian regime unleashed a flurry of explosions that rocked several Ukrainian cities today, including the capital Kiev, where one such attack killed at least eight people and injured 24.

The attack was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s response to Saturday’s blast on the huge Kerch Bridge that connects Russia to the annexed territory of Crimea. The attack on the bridge is believed to be the work of Ukraine.

After the rocket attacks, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy told his nation that Russia is trying to « wipe us off the face of the earth ».

Biden Talks ‘Nuclear Armageddon’

This comes amid continued fears that Putin may use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Biden recently warned that the risk of « nuclear Armageddon » is the highest since the Cuban missile crisis.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News those comments were « reckless ».

« And I think, more importantly, they demonstrate perhaps one of the greatest foreign policy failures of the last few decades, which was the failure to dissuade Vladimir Putin the same way the Trump administration has been doing for four years, » he said. said Pompey.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby defended Biden’s statement, saying, « The president was reflecting the very high stakes that are at stake right now. »

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen told ABC that Putin’s nuclear threats must be taken seriously.

« He’s a cornered animal, I think, a cornered animal, » Mullen said, referring to Putin. « And I think it’s more and more dangerous just because of what’s happened in the last 24 hours. »

With oil risks rising, Biden is still pushing the Iranian nuclear deal

Meanwhile, a foreign policy initiative by Biden in the Middle East is putting the US economy at risk.

OPEC is cutting production, in part because the White House is trying to make a nuclear deal with Iran, which many Arab nations oppose.

Biden continues to tap the strategic oil reserve in an effort to keep gas prices lower in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

Pompeo called it “…a failure of American policy. Joe Biden is directly responsible for where the world is on energy and, frankly, his party, the Progressive Left, for 25 years thought you would run the world on sun and windmills. »

America’s new energy crisis even has former President Barack Obama’s economic adviser blaming the White House.

Larry Summers told Bloomberg’s Wall Street Week, « Look, we made a mistake by canceling the Keystone pipeline. We made a mistake by slowing down all kinds of permitting activity. We made a mistake by being hostile as a country to natural gas. »

Gas prices are already hurting Democrats, and the last thing they need in the run-up to the midterm is another price hike.

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