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Revamping of IT suite availability screen

Why are we making a change?

We have over 2,000 student computers on our campuses – around 800 of these are located in locations that are accessible to all. To help our students find a free computer, we pull information from our IT suites about how many computers are in use and how many are currently available. We display this information on campus on our IT suite availability screens. Many of our IT suites can also be booked using the central room reservation system.

Our existing availability screens were unable to show room reservation information, so a room that may not be available due to an ongoing class may show that it has computers available for use.

The new availability screen

A screenshot of the new IT suite availability screen

Based on feedback on this issue, we revamped the screen to include room reservation information and took the opportunity to make the screen more accessible and easier to get the desired information at a glance.

  • Suites now show when they’re booked.
  • Suites will show reservations up to 15 minutes in advance and notify you when the reservation starts and ends so you know when the room is free again, consecutive reservations are taken into consideration so you should see the time the room is actually free again not quite when the current booking ends.
  • The display has been optimized to take full advantage of the new high definition screens we now have across campus, this allows us to make text larger and easier to read, as well as giving key information more impact.
  • We have also taken the opportunity to bring the screens in line with the style of our University of Dundee branding with the updated visual style making it much easier to see where there is availability at a glance.