Web Services

How we prepared for this transformation… and thank you

Last week we announced our new CMS vendor and partner, marking the end of a three year journey and the start of a new one. We also explored our thoughts on how we’re planning to migrate our content. As we work with our new partners over the next few weeks, this will become even clearer. This work will build on the planning and preparation we have undertaken over a year, much of which has been covered in our blog.

The above has not been completed in isolation nor is it all just waiting in the wings for the new site. We have already applied these principles and practices by working with the university community. We would like to thank the hundreds of employees and students who have freely given their time to present the best activities, participate in design sprints, feedback on prototypes and work with us writing content in the Web Services office.

We will necessarily shift into a higher gear in the coming months to deliver this next phase of the website transformation project, and we will continue to do so in partnership with our stakeholders. If you want to get involved, sign up for a design sprint or follow the progress in our newsletter.