Web Services

Get support during your web restart project

We have very ambitious plans for the University’s web presence, and while there is a lot of uncertainties at the moment, we know it will take a lot of work from a lot of people.

However, we can’t just disrupt normal activities while we’re doing it, so we need to make sure the work keeps getting done. The key to this is ensuring we are prioritizing tasks correctly and making sure requests are routed correctly so they get to the right people.

We are committed to providing support to all of our users between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and have dedicated staff members whose sole purpose is to provide that support.

To help us, we ask everyone to log their calls by emailing help4u@dundee.ac.uk. We use the same system as UoDIT, but calls will be routed to us.

Due to the volume of emails we receive on a daily basis it is difficult to keep track of everything sent to us, so please ensure you log calls using this address to ensure nothing is lost and that we can monitor response times.

We have clearly defined the criteria we will use to evaluate incoming calls and these are available in our support policy.