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Love it or hate it, email is still one of the most popular forms of communication for businesses.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of most popular ways hackers obtain sensitive information through ‘phishing’ attempts (aka it’s a lot easier if you unknowingly give your credentials to hackers versus having to crack them).  Keeping the mindset that ‘email is battleground’ means you are constantly on the lookout, taking a persistent approach to defending your inbox, which in turn heightens your awareness- making it easier to spot the bad actors.

Tips to Spotting a Phishing Email:

Always look at the ‘from’ email address.  For example, the email may state it’s from “Apple” but if the email address’ domain is not from ‘,’ it’s not from Apple. Other tips include:

  • Check for spelling/grammar mistakes
  • Urgency – a time-sensitive request to take action
  • Pressuring the email recipient to click a link or open an attachment.