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Changes to the staff home page

We’re making it easier and faster for you to launch apps and get support and information on July 28, 2021.

The staff home page is the fourth most popular page on our website. It had just under eight hundred thousand page views in 2020.

Over the past twelve months, the vast majority of traffic to the staff homepage has been for app launches, job searches, research, or dynamic content (content that isn’t permanently on the page).

Desk Tablet Mobile
E-mail 40% 57% 80%
My Dundee 17% 10% 2.2%
A University 3.1% 1% 0.2%
eVision 1.1% 0.6% 0.4%
Job vacancies 2% 2.5% 0.7%
Research 9% 8% 2.5%
Dynamic 19% 13% 9%
Total 91.2% 92.1% 95%
Click through to the staff homepage during 2020

By contrast, on desktop, links below the search bar (aside from eVision and the jobs listed above) accounted for just 2.4% of clicks. On all three devices, the vast majority of traffic doesn’t flow past the search bar. All links below the search bar are accessible from the menu or via search.

This data tells us that the main activity that staff come to this page for is to launch certain apps or perform searches. Therefore, for the migrated page, this was the goal. The faster people can achieve their goal, the faster they can get on with what they need to.

Loading time on the old page
Load time on new page 394 ms
Loading time on new page

Top task is a concept developed by Gerry McGovern, which is well summed up by Microsoft’s Peter Horsman.

“What do our customers come to our site to do? Great question. It’s amazing how many different answers/opinions you’ll hear. At Microsoft, I’ve used Top Tasks with incredible success, often increasing conversion rates by over 100% and improving customer satisfaction. Use Top Tasks and get real results, fast.”

Peter Horsman, Senior Digital Marketing Lead, Microsoft Cloud + AI

As mentioned by Danny (Content Manager) in his latest blog post

The information architecture of traditional organizational websites often forces users to navigate and understand the organizational hierarchy to access crucial information such as policies. They unknowingly make it difficult for users by posting siled information across the website.

Address company policies and information on the University website

We’ve migrated content to structured content, such as guides like « Change your password » or « Connect to SonicWall VPN on Windows », which are task-focused and easily searchable by a search engine or search our website.

We’ve included the most popular staff-focused guides and a link to view other staff support guides. We have also included an information panel relating to the Coronavirus.

Personalized content will appear on the staff homepage in the coming months. By ensuring this page is highly focused, we will now have the ability to showcase dynamic content that changes throughout the year and is relevant to specific user groups.

We will continue to monitor traffic and clicks on this page and adjust elements based on the data to keep the top of the page focused on activity. Personalized content will appear on the staff landing page in the coming months.

Image of the staff home page
Preview of the staff home page