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Can the Peshmerga push ISIS out of Kurdistan?

Aziz Reda, senior adviser to the president of Kurdistan, speaks about the Islamic State invasion of the northern territory of Iraq known as Kurdistan.

Kurds are an ethnic group living in northern Iraq and parts of Turkey and Syria. They want to form an independent country of Kurdistan and have been moving successfully in that direction since Saddam Hussein was removed from power.

However, the latest incursion into Kurdish territory by ISIS terrorist forces is threatening the population of the region. More than a million refugees fleeing ISIS in Iraq have flocked to Kurdistan.

In a recent interview, CBN founder Dr. Pat Robertson asked Reda whether the weapons sent to the Kurdish fighting force, the Peshmerga, from the US and Europe are actually reaching the Peshmerga.

Mr. Reda said some weapons come from both US and European sources, but at this point they don’t have enough weapons to push ISIS back from their territory.

Reda added that if they have weapons and proper training, he believes the Peshmerga can defeat ISIS and drive them out of the region.

The two men also discussed the future of Kurdistan and their desire for an independent state recognized by the United Nations. Again, Reda said that with America’s help and the help of other allies, they hope to gain their country’s independence.

With more than a million refugees and displaced people in the region and winter fast approaching, Reda has launched an urgent appeal for blankets and supplies.

***Aziz Reda shared more details on the situation of the Kurds with Dr. Pat Robertson. Awat Moustafa, director of operations for the Barzani Charitable Trust, was Reda’s translator.