Internet and Telecom

A comprehensive guide to Execulink’s fiber installation and construction processes

During this time, we’ll also identify any additional underground utilities on your property, such as sprinkler systems, electric dog fences and wires, and mark them with color-coded flags so they won’t be damaged during the installation process.


Once the Fiber network goes live in your community, your home is ready to be installed! At your installation appointment, a technician will come back to your home to connect the built fiber from the street to the small gray box placed on the side of your home during the pre-cabling/site survey. We will then connect the fiber internally to your water panel, using your existing house wiring. This is also where we will mount the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) and any other hardware needed to maintain your home.

Finally, a modem/router will be installed on the main floor to ensure the best coverage throughout the house.

In some cases, we will need to run a temporary fiber line above ground from the street, directly to your home in order to get you serviced as quickly as possible.

Clean up:

Your lawn is in good hands! While our construction and installation processes may require us to excavate your property, you can rest assured that we are committed to cleaning up our mess to your satisfaction. This means filling in any loose ends, and repairing any areas of the lawn that have been disturbed, with topsoil and grass seed.