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5 tips for an effective business call

Telecommunications are the lifeline of any business and having a robust phone system to make and receive calls is vital to the success of any organization. However, just because you have a state-of-the-art business phone system doesn’t mean your employees know how to use it properly or even conduct a successful business call. Interactions with staff, vendors, and customers can have a direct impact on your bottom line, and it can be difficult to get your point across when there are various obstacles on your call (noisy environment, poor call quality, etc.) . Here are some tips for strengthening your callings for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

How to have effective business calls

Keep noise to a minimum

There’s nothing more annoying than background noise during a professional business call. Most landlines today include high-definition handsets, so callers can hear background noise as clearly as possible. Because nosy environments can be disturbing to both you and the listener, it’s important to answer calls in an enclosed space, conference room, or even outside. The quieter it is, the easier it will be for both of you to concentrate and make sure that the goal of the call is achieved.

Write down vital information

It’s helpful to have a pen and paper on hand to jot down any information you might need to refer to during a call. This includes your name, number, email, company name and location. Make notes of anything you need to know or ask, so you don’t forget to mention it on the call. Also, using the caller’s name during the conversation will help establish trust and personalization. However, be careful not to abuse their name, as this can come across as an annoying sales tactic.

Keep an upbeat and positive tone

Your tone reflects your attitude, so make sure it reflects your appreciation for the caller. Literally smiling into the phone can help you speak in a happier sounding voice. It’s important to understand how your tone may affect the person on the other end of the call. Typically the caller will subconsciously match your tone, so it’s important to convey an upbeat and positive tone to engage the caller.

Position your statements correctly

Positioning your statements correctly is just as important as maintaining a positive tone. I constantly remind employees that there are two ways to say exactly the same thing, but one way may severely upset the caller, the other may not. Therefore, there are three parts to positively positioning your declarations to de-escalate a caller. First, show empathy if needed and acknowledge their feelings (e.g., « I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with XYZ »). Afterward, repeat the problem to them so they know you were listening and understand their problem (e.g. « If I understand correctly, you are only experiencing call dropouts during the hours of 9-10 am, is that correct? »). Finally, reassure the caller that you are here to help, even if this requires transferring the caller to a different department (ex: « I appreciate you calling us with your concern today. To resolve your issue as quickly as possible, I will forward your concern to our Level 2 Technical Support Department. They have the knowledge and skills to resolve the issue effectively. ») Using this 3-part approach to placing statements ensures a positive experience for the caller .

Use a quality phone system

Call quality issues can significantly affect the integrity of a business call. Poor connections and sound issues make it difficult to understand and connect to each other, frustrating the caller. Make sure your company’s phone system is robust enough to support your business calling needs. Your business could benefit from a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system, which it provides clearer sound quality, HD phones and better scalability for your company.

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