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4 Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP Phone Systems

All businesses, regardless of size or type, can benefit from a VoIP phone system, especially if the organization has multiple remote offices or employees. VoIP systems use the Internet for connectivity and offer businesses the ability to connect (network) all users under one system, regardless of their location. Networked users save time, money and ongoing maintenance. If you’re starting your search for the right VoIP business phone system for your business, here are some questions to consider.

A guide to VoIP phone systems

What equipment do I need?

To set up a VoIP system, you’ll need a sufficient Internet connection and a VoIP-ready device. This could be an IP phone or a headset programmed into your VoIP system to make and receive phone calls. Your business may also want to implement a Quality of Service (QoS) router that prioritizes voice traffic for better call quality and a Session Border Control (SBC) device that offers an extra layer of security. Both devices may be recommended depending on your business environment. ACC Telecom encourages businesses to have their network evaluated by a professional and certified VoIP communications provider before implementing a Voice over IP system solution.

Can I keep my phone numbers?

Yes, businesses can keep their current phone numbers, fax numbers, and toll-free numbers. Your VoIP provider will port (move) your numbers on their network. The new VoIP system becomes active once the numbers are officially transferred to the new network of VoIP operators. Businesses can also order new numbers at any time and scheduling of new numbers is handled remotely.

What are some of the main advantages of VoIP systems?

A VoIP system offers a wide variety of advanced features that were previously very expensive to install with traditional telephone systems. This includes mobile apps, softphones, conference calling, long distance calling, video conferencing, group chats, text messaging, IVR systems and so much more.

What Kind of Internet Speed ​​Should I Have?

Business-class Internet is required for implementing a VoIP system, but speeds vary depending on your organization’s environment. The number of users on the system, call volume, and data usage (such as sharing large files, uploading videos, etc.) all affect how much bandwidth a Voice over phone system needs IP. We recommend consulting with a professional VoIP system provider to evaluate your business usage and determine the right plan and speeds for your organization.

If you are having problems with your business phone service and would like to switch to a VoIP phone system, please contact ACC Telecom. Headquartered in Columbia, MD, they have been serving businesses across the state (and nationally) for over 40 years. Known for their personalized service and customized solutions, you can trust that they will have a system that works great for your business, clients and customers. For more information about these options, visit acctelecom.com or call (410) 995-0101.

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