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3 Tips for using IP security camera systems

An IP security camera system uses a network video recorder (NVR) and the internet to record, stream, store and display footage. IP security camera systems should not be confused with cloud-based security camera systems, although both use the Internet to transmit video data. Click here for more information on cloud-based security camera systems.

IP security camera systems offer a number of features not available with analog camera systems, such as line crossing, facial recognition, and the ability to record audio. IP camera systems are typically more expensive than traditional analog camera systems; however, the price difference is absolutely worth it considering the positive ROI and quality of imagination you will receive with IP cameras.

How to use IP cameras effectively

Step 1: Choose your cameras wisely and determine the correct installation location

Congratulations, you’ve decided to invest in IP cameras, so what’s next? First, you’ll need to determine the type and placement of your IP cameras. We recommend that you consult ACC Telecom or a security camera expert to conduct a site survey/camera placement assessment for you. There are so many different types of cameras with various lenses; some offer wide-angle views, all the way up to 360-degree rotational imaging. You don’t want to buy more cameras than you need due to cost and ongoing maintenance, so it’s important to first understand the various camera options available.

Step 2: Determine the ideal height for installing the camera

Even though you can buy vandal-proof IP cameras, that doesn’t mean the criminal won’t try to steal or disable the camera altogether. It is important to position cameras high enough that it is difficult for intruders to tamper with the camera, but low enough for an ideal vantage point. Typically, 10 feet or more is recommended for outdoor cameras.

Step 3: Keep your software updated

Since IP cameras use the Internet to function, it’s important to update your software for the latest security features and password enhancements. Regular software updates also ensure that the latest features and functionality are available.

IP camera systems are a smart investment for anyone interested in protecting their company’s property, assets and people. We recommend that you first discuss your surveillance system options with a professional company to find out if IP security systems or cloud-based surveillance systems are right for your business. Contact ACC Telecom today for your free surveillance system consultation.

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