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3 reasons why your business should use the cloud

Cloud infrastructures, including cloud phone systems, cloud backup and recovery, and cloud surveillance, to name a few, offer businesses huge advantages over on-premises solutions. Unlike conventional telecommunication solutions, there are virtually no limitations associated with cloud computing. Cloud systems also offer redundancy, business continuity, built-in security measures, and advanced features. If you don’t already have a cloud phone system, here are some reasons to consider implementing a cloud-based solution.

Why a cloud phone system is valuable to your business

Integrate your communications

With cloud PBX technology, you don’t need to use multiple applications for phone calls, voice mail, chat, video conferencing, email, fax and CRM systems. Cloud-based phone systems consolidate all of these features and more into one solid solution. This type of unified communications solution promotes collaboration and organization across the enterprise, saving time, money, and ongoing maintenance.

Reach anyone, anywhere

Cloud-based telephony infrastructure uses advanced call routing features such as « one number for many devices ». In other words, a call to a single phone number can ring multiple phones at the same time. For example, a person’s office phone can ring at the same time as their smartphone and computer softphone, so they can answer the call on any device. This promotes better communication with customers, staff and suppliers.

Update easily

In the past, upgrades to traditional phone systems were very expensive. Telecom companies would have to send a technician to your site, manually update the software, purchase licenses or additional equipment to support the new software update, then provide custom programming to the system. With a cloud phone system, updates are automatically applied in a remote environment at no additional cost. Updates may include new features, applications, bug fixes, and improved security. Cloud phone systems will save your organization money, time and unexpected downtime with automatic software updates.

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